Announcing IntelFinder

For the past year, we at Inteller have been hard at work developing a new offering, one that is radically different than our existing product, the Inteller platform. Up until now, Inteller focused on building solutions for organizations that needed to monitor certain parts of the web as part of their core business, such as cyber security firms and law enforcement agencies. Our main product, the Inteller platform, was designed to be super flexible and customizable, and we’ve built a tailor-made solution for each customer on top of it. We were a boutique company, aiming to address a painful need for a select number of organizations. However, over time, we realized that the technology that we’ve been developing for over five years can offer real value to a wider variety of organizations, with the right customization. We’ve decided to harness the platform’s power for a new service that we’ve developed – IntelFinder (, and I’m happy to announce that we’re ready to launch it.

IntelFinder is a cyber threat intelligence service. Its goal is to monitor the internet and alert organizations of active and potential external threats that exist outside of their networks or resources. For example, the service monitors the web to search for the following threats:

  • Newly registered domains, that can be used as a platform for Phishing, brand abuse and cybersquatting
  • Rogue mobile applications
  • Leaked internal documents
  • Leaked source code
  • Domain hijacking
  • Employee credentials
  • Misconfigured cloud resources
  • … and more

Our focus is on customer-specific and actionable intelligence. Every finding is provided along with recommendations on how to remediate the incident.

IntelFinder is quite a unique service on the market. What the Inteller platform enabled us to do is to create a fully automated, self-service and scalable service. Unlike existing services on the market, not a single analyst is involved in the generation of intelligence. As a result, we can offer IntelFinder at a fraction of the cost compared to existing alternatives. While similar cyber threat intelligence services can cost up to hundreds of thousands of dollars per year, IntelFinder is offered at a price of $250 a month, per brand (in an annual subscription; a monthly pay-as-you-go subscription is also available at $300/month per brand). This price unlocks all of our monitoring and intelligence capabilities for you to benefit from.

This price point is nothing short of a revolution Up until now, cyber threat intelligence services that provided customer-specific intelligence were only relevant to very large enterprises, who could afford spending a large amount of money on threat intelligence, despite not being the only ones being attacked online. Even for large enterprises, the high price point of such services meant that it was difficult to invest in a multi-vendor strategy, an important tactic considering no vendor has 100% visibility.

This is where IntelFinder comes in. Our goal is to make cyber threat intelligence accessible to everyone, regardless of their cyber security and threat intelligence budgets. With IntelFinder, smaller organizations can now benefit from an intelligence operation, actively searching for threats against them on their behalf. On the other hand, larger enterprises can maximize their intelligence coverage with minimum impact to their budget.

We believe that:

  • The fact that most intelligence services are expensive doesn’t mean that’s the way it should be.
  • Monitoring for external threats is a necessity.
  • You can get great intelligence coverage for a fair price.

We believe in the value we can provide to our users and therefore IntelFinder is available for one month free of charge, you don’t even have to provide payment details. Come test us for yourself, by clicking the following link

IntelFinder was designed by security veterans with over 15 years of experience in the industry. We’re passionate about intelligence and its ability to positively impact your security operations.

Whether you’re a CISO of a large enterprise or the CTO of a tech start-up, if online threats are of a concern to you, we believe that IntelFinder can help you achieve visibility into the threats that lurk online, and help you sleep more at ease at night. We’re looking forward to providing you with a great service.

Idan Aharoni
Co-Founder & CEO


IntelFinder is the most cost effective threat intelligence solution on the market, offering customer-specific and actionable therat intelligence at a fraction of the cost. We cover a wide variety of threats, such as similar domain registration, rogue apps, leaked employee credentials, leaked source code, leaked documents, exposed subdomains and more – all for only $250/month per brand.

IntelFinder is offered with a one month free trial – no strings attached and no credit card information required! 


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