The Dark Web’s Popularity Draws New Members, Becomes More Local

The Dark Web has existed in its current form for over 15 years. While it has evolved and changed, the concept of threat actors, each with their own expertise, congregating in communities to trade their products and services has remained unchanged. For many years it was the focus of professionals, law enforcement agents and security […]

Introducing DAIC: A Suggested System for Preventing BEC Fraud

BEC Fraud (Business E-mail Compromise) has reached epidemic levels in recent years. In 2019, the FBI’s Internet Crime Compliant Center, reported that it received complaints with adjusted losses of over $1.7 billion from this type of scam. The reported cases to the IC3 is just a drop in the bucket compared to the overall amount of incidents online. […]

6 Ways Similar Domains Can be Used to Target Your Organization

Certain threats that organizations face online often involve the attacker registering a domain that is very similar to the targeted organization’s domain. This is done to support the attacker’s goal, enabling them to better impersonates the company in order to fool potential victims, employees or customers. As Domains are relatively cheap and easy to register […]

Revisited After a Decade: The Optimist’s Cybercrime Predictions for 2011

In 2010, in a different world where no one has heard about lockdowns and social distancing, I wrote an article on SecurityWeek – The Optimist’s Cybercrime Predictions for 2011. While I was not very original in my choice of subject, as the end of every year provides security bloggers worldwide with an easy choice of subject to write […]

When it Comes to Threat Intelligence, a Multi-Vendor Strategy is Needed

The fact that there is no silver bullet for cyber security, but instead every organization needs to work with a variety of vendors, has shaped the common practices of how we purchase security solutions. In many cases, there’s a checklist – we need a firewall, an end-point protection solution, a SIEM, a penetration service, a cloud […]

So Wait, What Exactly IS the Dark Web?

Cyber security always had a thing with terminology. Back in the day, its very name was the subject of many articles that tried to explain how “Cyber” is different than traditional infosec. The term “Advanced Persistent Threats” was also under scrutiny when it became popularized, with many experts claiming that certain nation-state attacks were not […]

We Need Better Classification of Threat Intelligence

The threat intelligence landscape has vastly changed over the years. While the term was originally used to refer to malware Indicators of Compromise (IOC) – lists of known malware signatures and the servers those malware communicate with, a method to identify infected devices within corporate networks – as time went by vendors have broadly expanded […]

IntelFinder Launches ThreatConnect Integration

Threat Intelligence Vendor IntelFinder Partners with ThreatConnect to Provide Integration with the Popular Threat Intelligence Platform HERZELIYA, ISRAEL — August 2020 IntelFinder is pleased to announce its integration with ThreatConnect®, as part of its participation in the ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program. As a member of the Developer Partner Program, IntelFinder can now offer ThreatConnect users […]

The Dark Web Intelligence Purchasing Guide

In my last column on SecurityWeek, I’ve provided tips on how to pick the best threat intelligence vendors to support the unique needs of your organization. While the column referred to threat intelligence vendors in general, my original idea for an article was to focus on dark web intelligence providers. After claiming most organizations may […]