IntelFinder Launches ThreatConnect Integration

Threat Intelligence Vendor IntelFinder Partners with ThreatConnect to Provide Integration with the Popular Threat Intelligence Platform

HERZELIYA, ISRAEL — August 2020 IntelFinder is pleased to announce its integration with ThreatConnect®, as part of its participation in the ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program. As a member of the Developer Partner Program, IntelFinder can now offer ThreatConnect users the ability to receive customer-specific and actionable threat intelligence within the ThreatConnect Platform.

IntelFinder covers a wide variety of threats, including similar domain registration, rogue apps, leaked internal documents, leaked source code, exposed internal subdomains and much more, all provided at a fraction of the cost compared to existing services on the market. The integration includes all of the threats covered by the service, enabling ThreatConnect users to receive intelligence not normally available on threat intelligence platforms.

IntelFinder CEO Idan Aharoni said “We are thrilled to offer this integration with the ThreatConnect Platform, which ensures that security teams can consume relevant threat intelligence in the tools they currently use. The ThreatConnect Platform is a major intelligence hub for many security teams and therefore establishing a robust integration with their Platform has been a priority for us.”

“We are excited to add IntelFinder Alerts to the growing list of integrations from the ThreatConnect Developer Partner Program”, said, Andy Pendergast, EVP of Product at ThreatConnect. “Through this integration, ThreatConnect users will have access to valuable threat intelligence within ThreatConnect Platform to help them identify, analyze, and mitigate threats across their assets and brands.”


IntelFinder is the world’s first fully automated and scalable SaaS-based solution for customer-specific and actionable threat intelligence. IntelFinder’s goal is to make threat intelligence accessible and relevant to all organizations. To that end, it provides a full, comprehensive, all-inclusive threat intelligence solution for only $250 a month per brand. Founded by a “Legends of Fraud” award-winning industry veteran and elite military intelligence experts, IntelFinder brings more than 15 years of experience building industry-leading intelligence operations, delivering insights to the world’s largest companies and government agencies. Visit

ThreatConnect, Inc. provides a proactive and efficient approach to security by enabling enhanced detection, shortened response, and reduced risk. Designed by analysts but built for the entire team (security operations, threat intelligence, incident response and security leadership), ThreatConnect’s intelligence-driven security operations platform is the only solution available today with intelligence, automation, analytics, and workflows in a single platform. To learn more about our threat intelligence platform (TIP) or security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) solutions, visit



IntelFinder is the most cost effective threat intelligence solution on the market, offering customer-specific and actionable therat intelligence at a fraction of the cost. We cover a wide variety of threats, such as similar domain registration, rogue apps, leaked employee credentials, leaked source code, leaked documents, exposed subdomains and more – all for only $250/month per brand.

IntelFinder is offered with a one month free trial – no strings attached and no credit card information required! 


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