Finding the Right Threat Intelligence Vendors

In May 2019, Flashpoint CEO Josh Lefkowitz shared in SecurityWeek tips for evaluating threat intelligence vendors that cover the deep and dark web. While indeed helpful for those who seek such services, as I have established in my previous column, not every company actually needs deep and dark web monitoring. Therefore, I wanted to look at the entire […]

Balancing False Positives and True Positives on IntelFinder

One of the realities of every intelligence service is the need to balance false and true positives. If the criteria that is used to determine if something is suspicious is too permissive, too many intelligence alerts will be generated on findings that should not have been reported on, as they are not truly relevant. Alternatively, […]

Why You May Not Need to Monitor the Dark Web

In recent years, the “Dark Web” has become mainstream. In the past, this collection of forums, chat rooms, marketplaces and tools populated by cybercriminals and other types of threat actors, used to be known mainly to law enforcement agents, security professionals and fraud teams, who were responsible of protecting organizations from the threats that emanated […]

How the Cloud Made Insider Threats Unstoppable

Cloud infrastructure has transformed organizations’ infrastructure forever. With almost instantaneous access to much needed computing power, as well as advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence, organizations were quick to adopt these services, propelling the companies behind them towards trillion-dollar valuations. The cloud revolution has enabled SaaS services, dramatically simplifying how companies and individuals do business. […]

Reducing Cyber Security Risks from Insider Threats Using Behavioral Economics

Insider threats have always been a major issue in cyber security. The repetitive nature of certain aspects in today’s work, receiving and opening E-mails throughout the day can result in a lax attitude towards a secure behavior, by not paying enough attention to every individual action one performs. The massive amount of Phishing and malware […]

Is Being Secure Becoming a Privilege of Large Enterprises?

This week, despite fears of Coronavirus, tens of thousands of security professionals and hundreds of vendors descended on San Francisco for the 2020 edition of RSA Conference. Walking around in the exhibition floor, you could see some truly cutting-edge technologies, aimed at tackling organizations’ biggest security issues. The security industry is still playing catch-up after […]

Announcing IntelFinder

For the past year, we at Inteller have been hard at work developing a new offering, one that is radically different than our existing product, the Inteller platform. Up until now, Inteller focused on building solutions for organizations that needed to monitor certain parts of the web as part of their core business, such as […]